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Article in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

The Inspiration behind a Master / By Nancy Southwick

When you first meet Ali Bozorgmehr, you are overwhelmed by his charm. He is a very stylish and interesting person. He exudes this inner confidence and radiance that is hard to capture in words. He speaks of love, peace and beauty. Once he reveals that he is a master of lyrical painting, you slowly are hypnotized by his words.

Bozorgmehr’s artwork is an amalgamation of calligraphy and painting. He incorporates epic poetry by Rumi, Hafez, Khayyam and many other poets into his work. He calls this style zibanegar, or lyrical painting. His work is organic, extremely expressive and completely transforms the viewer. One cannot just walk by one of his pieces. It grabs the attention of your soul and tugs at your heart. The art speaks a universal truth and has a message of peace, friendship and most of all of love.

His name translated into english means “big love”. Bozorgmehr was born in Neishabour, Persia. A land filled with mystery and beauty. It is the birthplace of Omar Khayyam and countless other Persian artists. His talent was discovered as a young child. He has been a true artist his whole life.

He is in a constant state of creation. His artwork fulfills him. He gets his inspiration through his travels all over the world. He says that his muse is the beauty that lies in all of us.

The symbol of a deer is an image that keeps repeating itself in his work. He paints their innocence and grace. Bozorgmehr compares the essence of this majestic creature to the exquisiteness of an elegant woman. •

Bozorgmehr’s artwork has been collected internationally & is in the collection of numerous celebrities and royalty.

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