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For Father’s Day

Today was Father’s day this year I was blessed with a beautiful gift from my daughter the birth of my granddaughter Soraya Rose. One cannot conceive of the love for a child when one becomes a parent but once I became a grandfather my heart grew to immense measures. My children and grandchildren are what I live for these days. Creating a world filled with love, peace and beauty is what they deserve on this earth.  A few weeks ago I was looking thru some old manuscripts and found this beautiful poem that my daughter wrote in the mid 90’s she must have been a teenager still. So profound and strong was her writing that I was intensely shocked at the poetic ability that runs deep within our roots in the Bozorgmehr family.


My Heart

My Hopes

My Guardian

My Teacher

A Man An Artist

His soul is full of passion

His heart is full of gold

In his eyes you see a gentle kindness

That smiles without one word

A Husband A Father

His love is like a flower that never grows old

His words are so soothing and his smile is so kind

He is a man full of hopes and full of dreams

Full of heartache for his homeland

He sees only in his dreams

A Brother A Friend

He gives me inspiration

His work gives me faith

Full of beauty and full of strength

This Man

This Artist

This Husband

This Father

This Brother

This Friend


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