Love is the first and only way

—  Ali Bozorgmehr



Ali Bozorgmehr has been able to combine the two worlds of painting and literature as a master of his craft. Through poetry, calligraphy, and miniature style painting he creates a dynamic new style he calls “Lyrical Painting” His work can transform time and space by revealing the ancient secret of the poets that he incorporates into his work.  After viewing one of his Rumi paintings I find that Bozorgmehr portrays the range of human emotions, bringing the message of peace, friendship, and love to those who see his work.

— Deepak Chopra


Master Ali Bozorgmehr is certainly an innovative artist. His work combines Persian calligraphy with elements of Persian decorative painting into a harmonious whole.  Bozorgmehr’s art transcends that of a mere calligrapher. He uses calligraphy in a unique fashion, combining it with decorative motifs and flourishes taken from the field of Persian design in order to create forms and shapes which not only place Persian calligraphy in a new light and setting, but also attempts to illustrate a sense of the verse.  His work certainly contributes not only to a better appreciation of calligraphy – one of the more important Persian living arts – but also brings to the artistic world a new vision, unique to his work.

— Ehsan Yarshater
Columbia University


Master Ali Bozorgmehr as an artist has taken traditional Persian calligraphy as a starting point and has used it in a creative and original way to form lyrically rhythmic abstract patterns. The lyricism is heightened by the reflection in the calligraphic design of the spirit of the poetry incorporated in the work. His approach to painting is unique and his highly unusual talent is evident.

— Marie Lukens Swietochowski
The Metropolitan Museum of Art



Mr. Ali Bozorgmehr is a well-known painter of Iranian Origin who has worked and exhibited all over the world. An artistic innovator, Mr. Bozorgmehr has developed a unique style, which combines classical Persian calligraphy and miniature panting with a modern touch. Bozorgmehr’s impressive work would be a credit to any country, nationality or society.

— William R. Royce
Voice of America



Ali Bozorgmehr is well known to us in Germany as a great artist in Persian Calligraphy His artistic vision is incomparable and has no competition whatsoever, neither in Europe nor elsewhere in the world. In his art he is simply unique.

— Dr. Wilhelm Eilers
German scholar of Oriental studies
Iranian Onomastics. Lexicography. Dialects.

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